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+ I want to sell my motorcycle to SellMax. What do I need?

Selling your used motorcycle with SellMax is simple. You simply need to bring your bike’s registration and title as well as your driver’s license to complete the process.

+ How do I sell my motorcycle to SellMax?

Selling your motorcycle does not have to be a terrible ordeal. Give us a call and ask us to make an offer. If you like our offer, we would love to take that bike off your hands. If not, you are free to pursue other avenues.

+ Does SellMax buy motorcycles that have been damaged?

Yes! SellMax purchases motorcycles regardless of their condition.

+ What if I do not have the title to my motorcycle?

In some cases we can purchase the motorcycle without the title. Although, we will need to verify that you own the motorcycle.

+ Can I sell my motorcycle if it is not running?

Certainly! We buy non-running motorcycles.

+ Can I sell my motorcycle if I still owe money on it?

Yes. We will split the cost of the motorcycle between you and the seller. The only exception is if you owe more money on the bike than it is worth. You will be required to pay off the remaining amount.

+ How do I schedule an appointment with a SellMax associate?

There are two ways to schedule an appointment with one of our associates. First, you can call us and ask us to give you a quote. Additionally, you may fill out the contact form on our website and allow us to come out and take a look at your bike.

+ How long does it take for SellMax to pick up my motorcycle after I sell it?

Typically, we purchase and pick up the motorcycle the same day you contact us.

+ How long does it take to sell my motorcycle to SellMax?

You might be surprised at how quickly the process of selling your motorcycle really is. The entire process lasts 15 minutes, starting from the time we arrive to pick up your bike.

+ How much money will I make with my motorcycle?

The value of your motorcycle depends on a few different factors, including make, model and engine size. SellMax uses proprietary software to find the best offer for your bike, which means that you do not have to worry that you are not getting the most value for your vehicle.

+ Where are the SellMax headquarters located?

Our headquarters are located in sunny San Diego, but we can always make it to your location quickly.